Creative designing of Jewelery By laser Marking machines

Jewelaser-Laser marking, engraving & laser cutting machines from Markolaser, is the most suited tool for Jewelers and Goldsmiths as it allows them versatility, quality, precision that their customers need and deserve and hence give them a room for creative designing by the use of laser machines for jewelery making. The jewelaser – laser jewelry engraving and marking machines are specially designed for the laser jewelry markingof logos, purity marking, branding, hallmarking, creative designing, finger print marking, name writing, inlay work, channel settings, monogramson gold, silver and precious metals, laser engraving, date etching on earings, rings, pendants, necklaces, trinklets, tiaras, anklet, band, bangles, chains, bracelets and lockets. Jwelaser-laser cutting machines for laser jewelry cutting for monogrammed brooches, badges, filigree work on earrings, pendants, rings,chains are advised for producing individualized and customized jewelry.

Possibilities with Jewelaser machines in Jewellery industry

Jewelaser- JL-20 laserjewellery engraving machines can engrave name, brands, logos, finger prints, photos, pictures on conical rings, bangles, bracelets or any irregular shape 360 in degrees by the use of rotary attachment on the jewelry laser engraving machine. The ring, bangle or bracelet-engraving machine, can engrave, deep engrave or mark on jewelry piece in one go without moving the part.The rotary is an attachment with the jewelaser, jewelery marking machines, to cut through the metal of the jewelry units like bangles and rings on the outside as well as inside of the designer jewellery.

Applications of Jewelaser in Jewelry marking and designing

Laser jewellery etching, marking, surface engraving of jewelry, deep engraving to make dies for jewelry making, photo etching and picture marking on jewelry, cutting of gold or silver to make jewelry pieces like earrings, rings, lockets, pendants etc. is a micro processing of ornaments and adornments to give them a beautifully designed look.

Jewlaser for gifting Industry

The jewelasers are designed specifically to purvey to the valuable and precious gift industry where customization and personalization of the gift is required. Names, pictures on gold, fingerprints, and photos are usually required on the jewelry gift article to make it look specially done. Marking, etching, engraving, cutting are the applications used by jewelaser-jewelry engraving machines to accomplish this. Another unique application of lasers in gift industry is marking or etching and engraving or deep engraving the gifts like a silver tray, a silver keepsake box, heart pendants, with photo of the person to be given . A picture is simply uploaded on the computer and the gift is easily marked with that picture marking it customized for the user.

Unique customized gifts of Gold and silver

Other unique gifting products include pens, book marks, studs, buttons, tie pins, brooches, badges, visiting card holders, baby sets in silver, watch backs, candle holders, sterling silver cutlery, trophies, mementos, achievement plates, phone cases which can be easily etched, marked or engraved to make the gift unique, attractive and distinct. Jewelery laser Photo etching products include Photo necklaces and charms, photo charms for bracelets, photo bracelets, photo key chains, photo engraved watches, picture pendants, dog tags, photo earrings, photo frames and many more.

Cutting and filigree work on Gold and silver

Jewellry cutting lasers are commonly used for cutting fine filigree designs out of gold, silver, steel, platinum etc.for marking very intricate and designer jewelry which is not otherwise possible by traditional methods. The gold loss is minimal which can also be recovered. also provides laser marking, etching, engraving, cutting and filigree and jewelry die marking service to the jewelers and goldsmiths for decorating, branding, and designing of their jewelry pieces to stand out of the competition.